Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying with Air Assist®

Nol-Tec Europe’s dense phase pneumatic conveying system uses uses reduced quantities of compressed air to transport large quantities of product through the use of Air Assist® injectors, strategically placed along the conveying line, through which compressed air is injected.

In addition, Nol-Tec Europe patented an evolution of this system named EconoMizer™ or Air Mizer®, that allows abrasive or mixed products to be conveyed at low speed, with a energy savings up to 30%.


  • Low speed conveying
  • Reduced abrasion of piping and components
  • Reduced degradation of the conveyed product
  • Conveying of mixtures with reduced segregation of components
  • Conveying restart when pipe is full of product (non-purging concept)
  • Low air consumption

Such dense phase system is also particularly effective for conveying material in big bags or bagging systems, firmly maintaining the specific weight after te conveying.

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying with Air Assist®