Fly Ash Conveying SYstems

NTE PROCESS developed a unique technology for fly ash conveying (under Filters / ESP, economizers, pre-heater, etc..), storage and fly ash discharge for disposal inside the tanks.

NTE PROCESS combined the fluidized membrane technology of its Minijet, a compact and robust transporter suitable for potentially cohesive powders, with Air Assist® patented technology, suitable for controlled injection of air along the conveying lines. This technology allows the system to minimize the air consumption with a dense phase conveying system and consequently limit wear and maintenance.

This is a winning technology in all fly ash conveying applications, from coal, fuel oil or biomass even for long distances and high flow rates. The Fly Ash Minijet is also equipped with a special ceramic valve with no rubber seal which can resist to the wear and work up to 400 ° C.

The system can be pre-assembled and pre-wired in-house, in our workshop, tested and shipped ready to operate with minimum connections, offering a quick installation and an effective start-up.

The long experience acquired in the Heavy Duty industries has also allowed us to develop technologies suitable for any design requirement for fly ash pneumatic conveying using:

  • Dense phase, pressure and vacuum, with high-pressure air compressors.
  • Dilute phase, under pressure and vacuum, with low-pressure blowers.
  • Venturi ejectors for products up to 1000 ° C.

Furthermore, a special vacuum system is able to meet the needs of the bottom ash vacuum conveying with sizes up to 3.5 mm. This particular conveying system uses special components, properly coated with wear protection materials, and represents a reliable, compact and flexible application. This technology is suitable for those applications where mechanical conveyors are not feasible and/or affordable.

For storage applications, NTE PROCESS is able to provide customized solutions that include unloading systems with fluidized pipes, wetting screw feeders, telescopic billow, but also, and above all, a technically advanced fluidizing system, based on Nol-Tec Europe mixer (blender).

This technology, designed for blending in silos with the aid of programmed pulses of compressed air, is an effective fluidizing system. Its preventive screw action facilitates silos unloading phase and prevents crust formation inside the silo. It also works well in case of temporary or long discharging suspension.

Fly Ash Conveying SYstems