In the refinery field, NTE PROCESS has ten years of continuing experience, thanks to the development and implementation of new technologies for:

  • Fresh catalyst and additives injection systems in the Refinery;
  • Multiple solutions for material handling, such as bulk bag unloaders, bag dumps, tilt trucks and container discharging system;
  • Catalyst storage and accessories for hoppers and silos (filters, fluidizers, etc.);
  • FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracker) fresh catalyst and co-catalyst addition systems;
  • Additives addition for FCC pollutant control;
  • On-site mixing for multiple additives system;
  • Revamping and scheduled maintenance to refurbish existing plants and improve their performance;
  • Fluidizing and discharging system for terephthalic acid (PTA Discharger M255).

Furthermore, NTE PROCESS offers exclusive systems with mobile silos for on-site tests with catalysts and additives, according to specific need.

NTE PROCESS is leader in the petrochemical industry for the following applications:

  • Additive handling and dosing system to extruder (Additive Unloading, bag breakers and dosing hoppers;
  • Dedusting systems for bulk bag unloaders and bag dumps (Suction system);
  • Carbon black storage and dense phase conveying system with Air Assist®, that limit the fine production <1% after the conveying.



Most of NTE PROCESS systems for the oil industry and for refineries are installed to convey new catalysts or additives in the FCC (Fluid Catalyst Cracker) regenerator.

NTE PROCESS created two basic designs of injection systems which are currently being used:

  • The first design (Small Loader) uses a transporter with batching and weighing system (Gain in Weight), that accurately handles the batches required by the process.
  • The second design (Tons Loader) incorporates a larger transporter filled by bags or barrels through a Venturi eductor, which uses compressed air to load the transporter and transfer the additives to the refining tower. An outlet valve is used to control the injection quantity, as well as the frequency.

Recently NTE PROCESS has developed a patented technology with mobile containers with a capacity up to 50 m³. The mobile containers are equipped with weighed transporter system that can be placed on site with no need of foundations and useful both for on site test and as permanent unit for immediate delivery.

All the units can be provided with pneumatic blender to obtain multi-additive mixtures directly on site and modify their composition according to the daily need of the refinery, using only one loader.