In the steel industry, the Heavy Duty sector par excellence, applications are often onerous for the capacity, the distances and the materials used.

Thanks to the reliability and the strength of the solutions proposed, since the early Eighties Nol-Tec Europe has distinguished itself all over the world, developing a specific and patented technology for steelworks and foundries.

Moreovere, Nol-Tec Europe srl is already part of the KC Green Holdings, through Nol-Tec Systems, and can provide integrated solutions for:

  • Dedusting and Filtration (Baghouse and ESP)
  • Air pollution control with DeSOx systems, mercury and dioxins control through dry and wet injection technology.

For pneumatic conveying applications, especially the non-purge technology with Air Assist® has become the standard for this industry.

In particular, Nol-Tec Europe Customers all over the world chose:

  • pneumatic conveying systems for new, already used or regenerated sand, with reduction of creation of small particles (<0.01%);
  • pneumatic conveying systems for bentonite, chromite and black ore, supplying complete systems for the storage, the batching and the conveying to the plants;
  • dedusting and conveying systems for ESP dust.

The most common applications are:

  • conveying of pulverized coal;
  • conveying of hydrated lime;
  • recovery of coal coke
  • conveying of blast furnace slag;
  • recovery of ESP dust, also mixed with reagents from electrostatic precipitators;
  • storage, dosing, mixing and briquetting or conveying systems of powders of briquette.

Remarkable Nol-Tec technologies are storage, dosing and borax injection systems, specifically designed for pipe mills and provided with an accurate control system, which is able to ensure higher performances than traditional ones.