NTE PROCESS provides technical solutions for the handling, batching, and blending of granules (pellets) and dust (raw material for Masterbatch) for the plastic industry.

The several applications are specific for plastic and bioplastic granules and powders, PET flakes, polymers, PE and PP raw material, thermoplastic resins, etc.

The NTE PROCESS technologies allow our customers to maximize the efficiency of a conveying system in terms of power consumption, as well as avoid degradation and product breakage during handling, especially for plastic granules and resins.

In the plastic industry, Nol-Vac is successfully employed to allow the aspiration of plastic granules and powders, thanks to an extremely reliable technology specifically designed for this industry.

The NTE PROCESS solutions allow plastic polymers to be dosed through the use of the new dosing technology with Circle Feeder, that assures high precision and discharging performance also with very difficult products which are cohesive, bulk products, fibrosis, with low bulk density and with tendency to agglomerate.