Animal Feed

NTE PROCESS’s experience ensures the optimal management for production, handling, batching and blending processes of feed and additives in full compliance with ATEX standards.

The NTE PROCESS key technologies, for the animal feed industry, consider the importance of the management and processing of waste at every stage of the process, including dryers, screening stations, rendering and steady technologies of spray drying.

The main applications include:

  • conveying and blending systems for meal flour;
  • conveying systems of raw materials to blenders (calcium carbonate and mineral products);
  • conveying systems of dried blood for slaughterhouses, producers of hamburgers, etc.;
  • conveying systems of croquettes through dense phase, vacuum and pressure pneumatic conveying systems;
  • conveying systems of medicines and their dosage to the blenders, in order to avoid contamination which typically occur in mechanical conveying systems.

The blending and conveying systems, designed for the pet food industry, are one of NTE PROCESS’s most successful fields of application. The pneumatic blending is applied both during the formulation before the pneumatic conveying, and in storage silos before the tank truck is loaded.

The NTE PROCESS technologies allow our customers to maximize the efficiency of a conveying system in terms of power consumption, as well as avoid degradation and products breakage during the handling phase, within a market that is growing closer to the food industry in terms of technologies and regulations.

Moreover, for many years NTE PROCESS has been researching and developing new solutions for the creation of the dosing and mixing of all the animal feed additives (with Spray Dryers with patented nozzles and recipes management with Wonderbatch® Technology).

Animal Feed