Pharma - Chemical

Nol-Tec Europe developed complete solutions dedicated to the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, for the handling of materials that are easily degradable. Its versatile, exclusive and patented technologies guarantee success in any application.

Nol-Tec Europe provides technical solutions for handling, batching and blending of powders and granules, in full compliance with the regulations in force. The effective cooling and drying technology (with dryers like the Ribocone, evaporators like the Evapor, granulators like the Sprude), and the spray drying technology to obtain engineered powders from liquid solutions with laboratory (series Li 8&12) and special equipment (spray bags, closed cycle spray dryers for solvents) complete the range of services and solutions offered by Nol-Tec for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry

For pharmaceutical applications, the design is compliant to the GMP guidelines, all the parts in contact with the product are FDA approved and CIP (Clean In Place) cleaning systems are provided for pipelines and equipment.

The technologies provided by Nol-Tec are the following:

  • conveying of excipients (sugar, lactose, cellulose, malt, fructose, etc.);
  • tablets and pills (pneumatic conveying from dragées machine or tablet press to the packaging lines);
  • big bag unloading station and bag dump (globe box) equipped with circular screeners and delumpers;
  • Wonderbatch® system with IBC (mobile containers).

Chemical Industry

The Nol-Tec Europe technologies allow our customers to maximize the efficiency of a conveying system in terms of power consumption, as well as avoid degradation and materials breakage when handling. Everything in full compliance with Atex regulation and with real knowledge of inert gas use such as nitrogen and/or CO2 , also thanks to the partnership with SIAD (Praxair Group) for the most innovative applications.

  • pigments;
  • catalysts;
  • powder coatings;
  • paints and solvents;
  • supplements, vitamins and other powders for the pharmaceutical industry
  • sorbents and pesticides;
  • glues;
  • additives (both cohesive and potentially explosive);
  • titanium dioxide;
Pharma - Chemical