NTE Process supports food companies providing complete plants for handling, dosing and mixing of powders and granules in full compliance with ATEX and GMP guidelines.  

NTE Process knows the secret of first choice ingredients and how to combine them, making these products unique and popular worldwide. Not surprisingly, the famous hazelnut chocolate cream, many cups of coffee we drink every day or candy of various flavors and shapes have as a common denominator the NTE Process technologies.

The success of NTE Process is strictly related to the revolutionary Wonderbatch® technology that provides a high flexibility in the management of in-line formulation and raw materials in big bags, sacks, and IBC containers.

Furthermore, thanks to the cooperation with international partners, NTE Process ensures a wide process know-how in the food industry, with specific reference to drying or granulation of raw materials.

The applications are various and are aimed at primary customers working in the following fields:

  • baby products (baby foods);
  • milk processing;
  • cereals;
  • rice industry;
  • chocolate industry;
  • coffee (conveying and storage of green coffee beans, conveying and storage after roasting, handling after grinding, complete convey lines including conveying mixing of instant coffee);
  • premix for the ice cream/cake industry;
  • instantaneous supplements and drinks;
  • dried and dehydrated in-line formulation;
  • pills and tablets;
  • recipes for the confectionery industry.

The NTE Process technologies allow to maximize the efficiency of a plant in terms of power consumption, to ensure the hygiene in the contact with foods, and to avoid degradation and product breakage during the handling phase.


NTE Process is your single source provider for the coffee industry for which we can provide turnkey solutions: from receiving of green coffee to feeding of the packing filling system.

The main NTE Process solutions dedicated to the coffee industry are:

  • DENSE PHASE PNEUMATIC CONVEYING FOR COFFEE BEANS: technology of dense phase pneumatic conveying with Air Assists®, particularly suitable both for green coffee and roasted coffee, that reduces fines (up to 0,01%) thanks to the low convey speed. Learn more.


  • DENSE PHASE PNEUMATIC CONVEYING FOR GROUND COFFEE: technology of dense phase pneumatic conveying with Air Assists® that allows aroma preservation and avoids the risk of product segregation proving tobe suitable also for long convey distances. Learn more.


  • POWDER MIXING: realized with the NTE Process Jetmixer® M531, such technology is suitable for mixing coffee with powders such as flavours and additives, among others, and can manage batch above 10m³. Thanks to such technology you can also homogenize degassing silos. Learn more.


  • DEGASSING: also this technology is performed with the NTE Process Jetmixer® M531 and can reduce the degassing time (up to -30%*), the capsule residual pressure (-35%*) and the nitrogen consumption (-25%*). Learn more.
    *resultats achieved on specific plant configurations.


  • LIQUID INJECTION: it is a technology for powder/liquid mixtures (flavours, taurine, caffeine, theobromine, etc). In this case, the NTE Process Jetmixer® M531 is combined with the Oil Injection Skid M535 that can inject up to 6 different liquids simultaneously and  controls istantaneously the liquid speed and distribution. Learn more.