Building Products

The industry of premixed and building products is the scope of application of:

  • dense and dilute phase conveying for cement;
  • pneumatic blender for silos and fluidizers with aerators;
  • dense phase pneumatic conveying systems with Air Assist® for batches to avoid the segregation of premixed products;
  • dense phase pneumatic conveying systems with Air Assist® to protect conveying lines from abrasion and erosion.

NTE PROCESS is able to provide micro-systems, such as MiniJet for under-filter applications, as well as turnkey storage, batching and packaging systems.

The most common applications are:

  • coal dust conveying for furnace feeding;
  • hydrated lime and bicarbonate conveying for dry desulfurization;
  • concrete and cement conveying;
  • carbonate and oxide conveying;
  • biomass conveying into furnace (dried sludge, CDR, sawdust);
  • dust and ashes mixed with reactants from ESPs and filters.

The pneumatic blender is the heart of these systems because of its ability to blend from small batches (300-1000 liters) until 200m³ silos in less than one hour, only with the aid of pulses of compressed air and without any mechanical moving parts in contact with the product.

Furthermore, thanks to partnership with worldwide leaders in the Air Pollution Control, NTE PROCESS has extended the range of products concerning the dust removal of the mills for both inert and coal, including under-filter conveying systems and ensuring a single partner able to provide integrated solutions.

Building Products