NTE PROCESS provides the best technology for glass and fiberglass production: from the skyscrapers of the most modern cities to the automotive world, from the latest generation of TV screens to solar panels.

NTE PROCESS is the leading company in the world for the preparation, blending and handling batches in the production of fiber glass, flat glass, glass bottles, solar glass and special glass (LCD, pharmaceutical vials, etc.).

NTE PROCESS has successfully applied its own pneumatic mixing system (Pneumatic Blender) for the production of glass and fiberglass (with or without inclusion of cullet) with a new concept for the realization of completely prefabricated and modular pre-wired Batch House.

NTE PROCESS typical applications are:

  • Unloading from trucks and wagons;
  • Storage in silos for sand, dolomite, soda ash, iron oxide, cobalt, selenium, filter dust, etc.
  • Pneumatic conveying to batching hoppers and batch composition;
  • Weighing and dosing systems for loading mixers;
  • Dust-free bag and big-bag unloading systems for raw materials and additives
  • Pneumatic blending;
  • Pneumatic or mechanical conveying of the batch to the ovens;
  • Glass breaker and scrap systems.

Furthermore, NTE PROCESS develops several applications for the control of solid particulate (filters and ESP), desulfurization (lime and bicarbonate) and the control of dioxins and dry mercury (activated carbon), completed by handling, storage, and / or ash recirculation.

Finally, to safeguard the working environment from dangerous products, such as cobalt and selenium, NTE PROCESS has developed a particular system where, thanks to a special unloading station, the products can be directly sent to the hopper placed on the composition area, without any contact with operators. This design avoids the use of bags or big bags which could disperse the powder and contaminate the environment with harmful substances.