Nol-Tec Europe is the leading company in the world for preparing, blending and transferring of batches in the production of ceramics and minerals, from standard production to the special catalysts for the automotive industry.

Nol- Tec Europe provides:

- conveying systems for raw materials from trucks and wagons to silo storage

- conveying systems to the composition

- dosing and weighing systems

- pneumatic conveying systems to furnaces

Nol-Tec Europe has indeed successfully applied the pneumatic blending (Pneumatic Blender), also with “intensifiers”, in the production of ceramics, ceramic frits, glazes and pigments by extending the range of applications to dense phase conveying systems, in order to avoid mixed batches segregation, to the introduction of liquids in the blending process, and to micro-weighing stations.

The most common applications are:

- silica sand conveying;

- iron oxide conveying;

- alumina recovery;

- quartzes conveying;

- sodium and/or potassium feldspars conveying.

Thanks to several international partnerships, Nol-Tec Europe is also active in the grinding and filtration industries, realizing turnkey and integrated systems with the new brand NTE Process.