Nol-Tec Europe is worldwide known for several pneumatic conveying applications developed for the rubber industry, which are specific for quality production with high added value. For this reason, the main market leaders chose the NTE Process technologies to produce tires, components for the automotive industry, and electrical cables – areas where high safety and quality standards are essential to ensure great performances.

Indeed, both vacuum and dense phase conveying systems by NTE Process proved to be the best technologies for main raw materials for the production of tires as it guarantees:

  • to protect the integrity of the carbon black pellets during the dense phase conevying (<1%)
  • to preserve the conveying pipes from premature wear in the case of pneumatic conveying with Air Assitst® for silica conveying (fine, granular, silica chunk)
  • dust free management of bag dump and big bag unloading stations for carbon black, silica and zync oxide.

Nol-Tec Europe’s typical applications for rubber and tire are:

  • rail cars and trucks unload
  • silos storage
  • conveying lines to hoppers
  • batching and preparation of the recipes
  • batching and weighing over blenders
  • Atex proof handling systems for very explosive products such as resins.

Nol-Tec Europe is expert in in-line formulations for additives and has, in particular, developed innovative technologies for pigment room automation.

We also provide de-dusting systems for storage silos and daybins, but also wire drawing machines and recycling systems for the products used in them (as stearate) for protection of the working environment and the reduction of product waste.



The automatic NTE Process Boot-Lift is a truck and railcar connector specially designed to allow the dust free product discharge from truck/railcar hoppers.

The NTE Process Boot-Lift considerably reduces risks for operators during connection phase since it is completely automated and driven by pneumatic cylinders with variable stroke according to customer requests.



- Electropneumatic drive
- Pneumatic double cylinder
- Guided telescopic connection
- Proximity sensor for connection control
- Dust free system
- No motor


- Interchangeable and tailored outlet connections
- Cylinders stroke changeable on request
- AISI 304 construction
- Internal treatments and coatings
- Compliant to ATEX regulation
- Execution with special connection


- Weight: 160 Kg
- Power supply: 110-230 V, 50 Hz , 24Vcc
- Air supply: dry and clean with dew point 3°C
                       pressure 5.5 [bar] minimum