Big Bag Unloader M506

Nol-Tec Europe’s manual bag dump station – Model M506 is a complete work station equipped with an exhauster fan, cartridge dust collector, and collecting hopper, which allows the operator to work in a clean and safe environment. The system is suitable for all the application fields.

The manual bag dump is available in a structured version for installing rotary valves, IBC containers, or pneumatic conveying systems and in a mobile version with wheels.

Optional features:

  • 316 Stainless steel and mild steel construction;
  • Compliance with Atex 94/9/CE zone 20/21 – 20/22;
  • Interior coatings;
  • Fluidizing system for discharge cone;
  • Extended work surface;
  • Integrated dosing system;
  • Integrated sifter.
Big Bag Unloader M506
Big Bag Unloader M506