Venturi Eductor

The NTE PROCESS Venturi Eductor is hot-rolled sheets manufactured with internal profile specifically designed for each project.

The Venturi Eductor is used to convey the product continuously, especially in those applications that require ATEX compliance for zone 20 (powder) and zone 0 (gas), as it has no mechanical moving parts. Covered distances: up to 100m and capacity between 5 and 10 t/h.


  • The Venturi Eductor is used together with blower at low pressure or directly fed with the plants general air-supply. It is provided with appropriate equipment for pressure and flow control;
  • Availbale in USDA/GMP versions for applications in pharmaceutical and food industry;
  • The version with heat treatment is designed for conveying at high temperatures and with ceramic insert for high abrasive products such as glass cullet, fly ash and silica;
  • The Venturi Eductor can replace the rotary valves, which are subject to wear, assuring a long-lived performance;
  • The experience of NTE PROCESS technicians allows the size and characteristics of Venturi nozzle, the inlet and the outlet, the air volume and the pressure, to be dimensioned according to customers’ needs.
Venturi Eductor