Air Assist® M366 and Air Mizer® M516

The patented Air Assist® technology is used for dense phase pneumatic conveying systems and is suitable for fragile and abrasive products.

Air Assist® injectors are strategically positioned along the conveying line, in which the air is injected creating short and regular plugs of product.

The product resistance is really reduced into the pipeline and this allows the realization of conveying over long distances at low speed. Thanks to this kind of system, during the conveying,  the speed of the product is controlled and the compressed air is injected into the conveying line, just where it is necessary.


Air Mizer® is a Nol-Tec Europe patented technology for conveying systems that cover long distances. It can be added to the Air Assist® group, reducing the compressed air consumption. The Air Mizer® group introduces compressed air only when it is necessary, according to the pressure in the conveying line.

Air Assist® M366 and Air Mizer® M516