Nol-Vac™ M39

The new generation of Nol-Vac represents the NTE PROCESS response to the need for vacuum dense phase conveying of low capacity and short distances. Its application is usually suggested for low capacity and distances not higher than 50 m.

Nol-Vac is a pneumatic conveyor able to convey up to 3500 l/h.

This machine is available in different versions and models:

  • Basic version: suitable for chemical and food industries
  • Sanitary version: suitable for pharmaceutical and dairy industry (DAIRY and GMP)
  • Light duty version: suitable for plastic industry and similar
  • ATEX version for powder and gas area
  • PLUS version: integrates the Air Assist® system, used for longer distances, in case of conveying line with many bends and with non free flowing products or products that have to be preserved (fragile or mixed).

Four sizes are available according to the capacity required:

  • 1000  mod.  394-1000
  • 1500  mod. 394-1500
  • 2500  mod. 394-2500
  • 3500  mod. 394-3500


  • Multi-Venturi pneumatic pumps;
  • Filters with specific characteristics according to the applications;
  • Customized piping, joints, vacuum lances for each application;
  • Double control system: electro-pneumatic and with PLC.


  • In comparison to other pneumatic conveyors on the current market, Nol-Vac has been designed on the basis of the “three pieces” concept: one body, one top with a pneumatic pump, and one controlling discharge valve with filter.
  • In pharmaceutical and food industry, the problem concerning product accumulation is solved by the Nol-Tec Europe conveyor, avoiding a common contamination source. 
  • Nol-Vac reduces the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance time.


  • NTE PROCESS uses its know-how to design complex pneumatic pumps which can be customized according to customer needs.
  • NTE PROCESS has a test plant where the different versions of Nol-Vac can be tested.

Conveyed Products:

Coffee beans, roasted and ground coffee, powdered sugar, pea flour, dehydrated carrots, maltodextrin, PVC powder, activated carbon, calcium carbonate, tablets, pralines, milk powder, soya flour, etc.

Nol-Vac™ M39