Wonderbatch® Station M513

Many process industries need to diversify the production, ensuring a high level of quality and limiting the costs related to the product handling, avoiding contamination and deterioration. In order to achieve these goals, NTE PROCESS developed a revolutionary technology based on WonderBatch® Station.

The station is able to unload and dose the products directly from big bag or mobile IBC containers, eliminating the typical problems of traditional in-line formulation systems, such as:

  • Difficulties in changing raw materials;
  • Long cleaning time and shutdown;
  • High number of ingredients to use and lack of control;
  • Difficulties in respond to market needs with flexible productions;
  • Inability in processing orders with short delivery time;
  • Ccontamination risk;
  • Cross-contamination between Kosher products, allergen and gluten.

The Wonderbatch® station guarantees:

  • Greater flexibility and increased productivity by using the parallel production (e.g. blending of the formula while preparing the next one);
  • Handling of each formulations while maintaining traceability;
  • Reduction of capital investment;
  • Reduction of production costs.
Wonderbatch® Station M513