Air Mixer - Blender M244



The innovative NTE PROCESS Pneumatic Blender is suitable for highly abrasive and fragile products, with different bulk density and particle size that need frequent cleaning cycles, (available in ATEX, DAIRY, GMP versions) and uses compressed air as blending force. The six and twelve air injection valve assemblies are able to blend in silos up to 300 m³.

The M244 blending cone, incorporated into a NTE PROCESS dense phase conveying system, is able to blend homogenous batches and convey materials to the final destination, such as packaging and storage silos systems, minimizing the risk of segregation of mixed batches.

The NTE PROCESS air blender can be cleaned with a suitable pressure washer, cryogenic cleaning or water-cleaned with dedicated products through a CIP cycle. During the blending cycle, it is possible to add perfumes, spices, additives, fat, as liquids up to 20% by weight.


  • No wear because the blender has no mechanical moving parts in contact with the product;
  • No product deterioration thanks to the lack of mechanical parts inside the machine;
  • No maintenance and cleaning time reduction;
  • Ability to blend larger volumes of products in a single batch;
  • Use of inert gas as blending force;
  • High blending speed;
  • Energy savings compared to mechanical blenders;
  • Available in ATEX & DAIRY version.
Air Mixer - Blender M244