Transporter M201

The Nol-Tec Transporter M201 is a pressure vessel with a volume varying from a few hundred to thousands of litres and is certified according to PED 97/23/EC directives. It is designed according to the pneumatic conveying application and is generally pressurized from 1 to 6 bars. The product is conveyed through a pipeline to a receiving hopper or silo.


  • Nol- Tec Europe transporters are always customized with equipment and components which are suitable for the specific application, providing full effectiveness;
  • Nol-Tec Europe uses the concept of the pilot pressure regulator . The insertion of compressed air is regulated by a control panel and takes place in three distinct areas: from above, through the "Top Air"; into the cone through the "Air Jets”; and in the outlet bends through the “bottom Jets". A fourth regulation area starts immediately after the product discharge and is controlled by the Air Assists®.
  • Through the Air Assist® technology, Nol- Tec Europe guarantees that the conveying cycle starts again with the tube full of product.

For long distance conveying systems, Nol- Tec Europe suggests to use the Air Mizer® system, a further control in addition to the Air Assist® that reduces the consumption of compressed air and, thereby, energy costs.

Conveyed Products:

  • Abrasive and heavy products such as silica sand, feldspar, glass cullet, alumina, glass batches, etc.
  • Fragile products such as sorbitol, dextrose, almonds, resins, cocoa beans, nuts, puffed rice, etc.
  • Mixed products such as batches for the food industry, batches for fiberglass and glass batch for the production of ceramics, pre-mix for the construction industry, etc.
Transporter M201