Minijet Ash on Skid™ 504

The Ash on Skid Minijet is a pre-assembled and pre-wired unit, suited for fly ash dense phase conveying systems. It can be installed under silos and hoppers, bag house and ESP, economizers, pre-heater and cyclones.

The special double ceramic disc valve is suitable for heavy duty industry and high temperatures (up to 400 ° C) with reduced maintenance.

A remote digital control panel is placed on the skid. The system is therefore robust, compact, flexible and cheap.

The reduced air consumption allows the use of Ash On Skid Minijet anywhere, simply by connecting to a network of compressed air.

Nol-Tec Europe combined the fluidized membrane technology of its Minijet, a compact and robust transporter suitable for potentially cohesive powders, with Air Assist® patented technology, suitable for controlled injection of air along the conveying lines.

This is a winning technology in all fly ash conveying applications, from coal, fuel oil or biomass even for long distances and high flow rates.

Minijet Ash on Skid™ 504