The Drying Technologies, in partnership with Okawara MFG. CO., LTD. aim at develop the optimum combination of quality, safety and environmental technologies that will enhance the value of its customers’ business while also contributing to the progress of society at large by providing products used in a wide range of processes that feature drying technologies, such as enrichment, sterilization, granulation, and incineration.

SPRUDE: a bottom nozzle type continuous fluid bed spray granulator. This unit directly converts the liquid into granules. The heavy granules (600 kg/m³ or more) that are difficult to be produced on a conventional top spray system can be produced in this equipment. Installation space and manpower can be saved since it works as a spray dryer and a fluidized bed granulator on a single equipment.

The coating of small pellets can also be performed in this equipment.
The dry liquid first forms small particles as starter cores. The repetition of this process makes the starter cores absorb the liquid around it making it grow layer by layer, just like an onion. This process results in granules with high bulk density.

• Particle sizes from 100 to 1,000μ can be produced
• Granules that are difficult to powder during transportation
• Little sticking of products inside the chamber
• Installation space and manpower saving.

• Seasoning
• Health foods
• Soups
• Sweeteners
• Black tea
• coffee
• Cocoa
• Organic acids
• Enzymes.