The Drying Technologies, in partnership with Okawara MFG. CO., LTD. aim at develop the optimum combination of quality, safety and environmental technologies that will enhance the value of its customers’ business while also contributing to the progress of society at large by providing products used in a wide range of processes that feature drying technologies, such as enrichment, sterilization, granulation, and incineration.

RIBOCONE: a conical ribbon mixer dryer. The product is lifted entirely from the bottom to the top of the cone with its specially designed rotating ribbon screw. The ribbon screw is designed to be wider from the bottom to the top. The vortex breakers enable the product to be mixed or dried uniformly and efficiently. To increase its efficiency, this equipment is enclosed in a jacket that can be used to
heat or cool down the product inside the vessel.

• Contamination-free (no gear in the box)
• Fast mixing and drying due to circulation of the product
• Uniform moisture content and temperature of the product
• Total discharge of the final product from the bottom of the cone
• Vacuum model available.

• Electronic and IT materials
• Ceramics
• Magnetic materials
• Seasoning
• Animal feed
• Resin powder