The NTE PROCESS Drying Technologies, in partnership with Okawara MFG. CO., LTD. aim at develop the optimum combination of quality, safety and environmental technologies that will enhance the value of its customers’ business while also contributing to the progress of society at large by providing products used in a wide range of processes that feature drying technologies, such as enrichment, sterilization, granulation, and incineration.

EVAPOR: a centrifugal-flow thin-film vacuum evaporator suitable for food, pharma-chemical, biochemical and other industries where other types of evaporators encounters difficulties.

The Spinning Cone Centrifugal Flow Thin Film Vacuum Evaporator “Evapor” consists of a
cantilevered conical rotor horizontally set in the process chamber and peripheral components
resulting in a unique equipment.
The equipment has all the necessary components such as feed pump, discharge pump, distillate pump, vacuum pumps, condenser, control panel, etc. placed on the same common base resulting in a compact equipment for special applications which are difficult to be performed by other types of concentrators/evaporators.

The evaporation surface (rotor) spins at very high speed creating a centrifugal force of about 200G, making the inlet product result in a very thin film (less than 0.1mm) as well as avoiding the foaming formation.

• Residence time extremely short (less than 1 sec)
• Evaporation happens at very high speed at a relative low temperature in a high vacuum atmosphere
• Foaming minimized by centrifugal force
• Minimum inlet product deterioration
• Compact design to facilitate installation
• Easy to clean (CIP)
• Equipment suitable for high heat sensitive and foaming products as well.

• Enzymes and antibiotics
• Protein solution and fermentation broth
• Herbal extract
• Extract (meat, fish, mushroom, etc.)
• Seasoning
• Oil and fat
• Vitamins
• Synthetic resin.