Nol-Tec and NTE Process design and implement complete conveying, dosing and mixing  systems for solids in powder or grain, to optimize the production process.  

Do you know the voyage your coffee makes from the plant to your cup? We do. In warm places such as Central America and the mid region of Africa the coffee bush is grown and its fruit –the coffee bean- is later toasted and ground to brew the world’s favorite energizing drink.

But with the arrival of the modern era, the need to optimize time made brewing a cup of coffee unpopular due to the ritual involved, giving way to the consumption of soluble coffee –also known as ‘instant’. In order for this variety of coffee to keep the same flavor and aroma as the fresh bean, it must go through a sophisticated milling and refinement process that allows a finer composition.  

Nol-Tec Europe and NTE Process technologies allow the processing of foods to achieve specific levels of consistency for final product consumption, working with a wide range of ingredients from raw materials to semi-elaborate products. The famous hazelnut chocolate-like cream, instant coffee or even gummy bears and candy use machines such as Wonderbatch® -which allows very specific levels of ingredient consistency and concentration.

Nol-Tec Europe, parent company for Nol-Tec Chile, recently took part for the first time in the HOST fair, a specialized sales event for the promotion of technology and equipment for the food manufacturing industry, with more than two thousand exhibitors from over 50 countries, opening an attractive market of possibilities for all its attendants. HOST has been in the market for 40 years creating opportunities for the global food manufacturing industry.