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Nol-Tec operates in a global market, successfully working in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North and South America. The company is characterized by the continuous advanced research for bulk handling material and process equipment.

The development of advanced technologies has led the company to the creation of equipment and own patents, among which there are pneumatic conveying systems, pneumatic mixing, bulk handling and atomization.

Nol-Tec installed several systems, for the most important companies in the following industrial fields: food, animal feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, environment, glass, power and energy, foundry and steel, refinery and building products.

The customer and his needs are the focus of our path of innovation and development: our engineers design according to the requests of each industry, following customized and specific protocols aimed at the maximum customer satisfaction.

There are no limits when working together, giving value to the ideas.

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The automation department provides a complete range of control solutions for any plant.

Nol-Tec is specialist in providing:

  • complete automation engineering to our customers, including but not limited to electrical installation drawings, control panel drawings;
  • functioning specification;
  • process flow chart;
  • operator manuals;
  • training and production assistance.

The human-machine interface (HMI) is the most important part of the user experience of the system. Nol-Tec realizes synoptic that are intuitive and functional, allowing the operators to manage the system without specific training.
Thanks to our experience with pneumatic conveying and bulk handling, we can hanlde any kind of recipes, tracking and tracing of components. Through SQL databases or Excel spreadsheets we can make primary and secondary datas available to the customer. Barcodes and other coding of materials are used to avoid operator errors and giving an accurate history of each ingredient.
Our solutions are open and the programming is as simplified as possible and will be tailored to the specific application. The code is documented and described in English in order to give the maintenance personnel of our customers, a plant easy to handle and trouble-shoot.

We use the most important suppliers for hardware and software, with most of our plants installed with Rockwell or Siemens automation components. We are familiar with:

  • Motion Controls,
  • PLCs,
  • distributed I/O,
  • HMI interfaces,
  • PC Based Controls,
  • SCADA.

We choose our bus-systems depending on the needs of the plant, from Profibus and Profinet, to DeviceNet and Ethernet.

The post-sale assistance is given all over the world and we use a wide range of remote assistance, utilizing the web, GSM, UTMS or the traditional phone network.

Service and Spare Parts

Nol-Tec Europe Component & Spare Part Division offers technological and innovative solutions, and customized services, ensuring the supply of original materials in order to guarantee optimal performances for the industrial plants.
Inactivity due to plant shutdowns often becomes a cost because of production loss that generates waste and damage; availability of spare parts is therefore very important.

Furthermore, Nol-Tec Europe guarantees the productivity and efficiency of the equipment and provides an advisory service dedicated both to the preventive maintenance, and to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Nol-Tec Europe provides a completely customized service to customers. The advantages are the following:

  • Continuity of production
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Respect of quality procedures
  • Operator safety

Furthermore, skilled technicians work the whole day to provide specific advice on energy saving and reduction of operating costs, with dedicated quotation and customized service.

Why choose us

The World still needs successful stories and companies, able to realize their own destinies and set their own directions.

In a short time Nol-Tec Europe has been able to become a big international company, run by young and talented managers and valuable trained partners.

From Minneapolis to Santiago, from Milan to Seoul, Nol-Tec’s engineers speak different languages but are united by the same passion for being unique for service, quality and competence.

The international team ensures development of advanced technologies, making the Nol-Tec Group a well-known engineering atelier.

There are no boundaries when working together, giving value to shared ideas.


What we do

What do the most famous whipped cream, the rubber compound and harmful emission reductions share? Nol-Tec Europe technologies.

Today, the primary companies working in twelve different fields use Nol-Tec Europe systems for their industrial processes, due to our philosophy of complete customer satisfaction, necessary for common success.

Nol-Tec solutions are adopted by heavy duty industries, such as glass producers, foundries, refineries and oil companies, and also by light duty industries, such as food, pharma-chemical, plastic and pet food companies.

Every product has its own history and customers do not give up on the competence provided by Nol-Tec Europe’s experts, who have, over the years, provided products for use with materials, from A to Z, from atomized ceramic to sugar/ zeolite.

Nol-Tec Europe specialists are available to help you now. Select an application field and contact us.

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