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Nol-Tec, pneumatic conveying systems

Bulk handling, automation and process control

Nol-Tec is a leading company in designing and production of pneumatic conveying systems for bulk material handling.

We offer high tech equipment suitable for the bulk handling, conveying and mixing, powders and granules used in the industrial processes in several sectors.

Our core business includes pneumatic conveying systems, dosing and weighing systems, spray drying, dryers, filters, automation and process control systems, pneumatic mixing.

We serve all major industries that use any kind of powders and granules in their production processes: our technologies are essential for the following industrial fields: food, animal feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, environment, glass, power and energy, foundry and steel, refinery and building products.

Among our leading products are Pneumatic Blender, Spray Dryer, Wonderbatch® (in-line formulation)and Dry Sorbent Injection for power plants fed by biomass and incinerators.

We provide italian and foreign companies, thanks to our decennial presence on the market that has led to a consolidated know how and a specialized engineering for pneumatic conveying systems and bulk material handling. This brought Nol-Tec to develop innovative solutions and patents distributed all over the world.


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